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E-bike Battery packs spot welder

DC capacitor power supply+precision weld heads 18650/26650 Weld Equipment
DC capacitor power supply+precision weld heads 18650/26650 Weld Equipment

WBT-8000A Weld Equipment 

1.ADP3 weld power supply
(300watt/sec,dual pulse,stored energy welding power)
2.WBT-Q03 welding head
(Air operated,net weight 11kg,340L x 200W x 475Hmm)
3.2 PCS power cables
4.Weld head switch connection cables
5.Offer 3mm electrodes 
6.Offer 1pcs foot pedal switch
7.Offer 1set frame

Product Details

WBT-8000A Information 

1.Power supply net weight:76KG

3.LCD dispaly
4.dual pluse welding power supply
5.300watts/second (Joule) capacitor discharge
7.Welding thinckness:0.05-0.6mm

WBT-8000A photos

ADP3 Features

A.Microprocessor control

B.Store multiple welding procedures
C.provide consistent welding energy
D.Graphics display
E.Welding monitor

ADP3 Details information

Graphics display

Weld Counter

Copy a Schedule 

Welding Monitor

Welding Mode

Width(welding pulse width)

Width(welding pulse width): SHORT (short pulse); MEDIUM (the pulse); LONG (long pulse).


Two step pedal switches

When the two step pedal switches in the first stage switch is closed, the upper electrode welding head 

pressure to the workpiece, continue to depress the pedal, so that the second-level switch is closed, 

the trigger ADP3-discharge welding, weld this if you want to give up, do not the second level switch 

can be closed, release the first-level switch, the electrode back to the starting position .


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