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Will-Best Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, has CE and RoHS standards,specialized in manufacture DC capacitor dual-pulse battery weld equipments,Inverter DC resistance high frequency precision battery weld equipments,Automatic 18650/26650 battery weld equipments,pneumatic operated precision parallel weld heads,pneumatic operated precision opposite weld heads,foot operated parallel weld heads,foot operated opposite weld heads,two stage foot padel,electrodes,weld checker & monitor,Pure nickel strip,Pure nickel tabs,customzied nickel tabs,copper+nickel busbar and so on;the customers all over the world,including USA, Germany, Uk, France, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Switzerland, Iceland, Mexico, Portugal, Estonia, Russia, Korea, India and so on.

We are the First company to manufacture the Micro prcision high frequency Inverter DC resistance weld equipments in China,reliable equipment quality, stable welding and high welding quality;

Although we can't able to do good website,but we can do good quality weld equipments;

I'm Maike,on behalf of my company, I warmly welcome all my distinguished guests to visit our 

company;i sincerely wish cooperation with you for long time and pleasant.

Main products

DC Capacitor dual pulse battery weld equipments
 ADP3(DC capacitor 300 Joule dual pulse power supply)+WBT-Q03(pneumatic operated weld heads)
 ADP1(DC capacitor 150 Joule dual pulse power supply)+WBT-Q03(pneumatic operated weld heads)
Inverter DC resistance high frequency precision battery weld equipments
 UF40(Inverter DC resistance high frequency precision weld power supply)+TR-4000A inverter weld transformer+ WBT-Q03Q(pneumatic operated weld heads,Cylinder control the pressure)
 UF25(Inverter DC resistance medium frequency precision weld power supply)+ WBT-Q03(pneumatic operated weld heads)
Semi-Auto battery weld equipments
 WBT-9000A(UF40+TR-4000A+WBT-Q03Q+weld operated platform)
 WBT-8000A(ADP3+WBT-Q03+weld operated platform)
Automatic battery weld equipments
Nickel tabs
 Pure nickel strip,pure nickel tabs,customized pure nickel tabs,copper+nickel busbar
Pneumatic operated weld heads  WBT-Q03(Parallel precision weld heads),WBT-Q03Q(Parallel precision weld heads,Cylinder control the pressure),WBT-Q01(opposite precision weld heads),WBT-Q01W(Water-cooling opposite precision weld heads)
Foot operated weld heads  WBT-F03(Parallel precision weld heads),WBT-F01(opposite precision weld heads)
Foot switch  Two stage foot switch,One stage foot sage
Weld checker&monitor                                                                                    WBT-122A
Electrodes  Tungsten electrodes,alumina copper electrodes and so on

Contact us

  • 401Room,22th Xinger Road,Xingsheng Creative Park,Changan Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province
  • 0086-13928849959
  • wjy@will-best.com
  • WeChat:wechat keyong2014

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