Manual Battery Packs Spot Welding Machine
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Manual Battery Packs Spot Welding Machine

DC Capacitor discharge 300Joule,dual pulse weld power supply ADP3+Pneumatic Operated Parallel Precision Weldheads WBT-Q03
DC Capacitor discharge 300Joule,dual pulse weld power supply ADP3+Pneumatic Operated Parallel Precision Weldheads WBT-Q03
Battery packs welding system including as follows,
1.ADP3 weld power supply

(300Joule,dual pulse,stored energy welding power

can set and record 10 groups welding procedures)

2.WBT-Q03 welding head
(Air operated,net weight 11kg,340Lx200Wx475Hmm)
3.2 PCS power cables
4.Weld head switch connection cables
5.Offer 3mm electrodes 
6.Offer 1pcs foot pedal switch
Product Details


Install video,

Setting video,

Welding video,

Adjusting the height video

ADP3 is a capacitive energy storage welding power with 300watts/second (Joule).Can effectively solve most precision 

metal parts of the resistance welding problems and can set and record 10 groups welding procedures with its unique 

dual-pulse welding.And has a special energy locking function which ensuring the power supply fluctuations will not 

lead to the decline in the quality of welding.

Detailed list of features

0.High speed and high precision microprocessor provides highly stable repeated welding.

1.Compatible with mechanical and pneumatic welding heads.

2.Double pulse reduces welding spatter and effectively improves welding quality.

3.Three different welding methods (1)ordinary spot welding; (2)Roll welding (seam welding);(3) Continuous welding.

4.Two way synchronous relay provides welding state synchronous signal, which is convenient for automation application.

5.The remote welding specification switching function facilitates the application of automation.

6.It has the switching function of welding polarity.

7.The built-in welding current, voltage and power monitoring function reports the welding quality of each welding spot.

8.The built-in welding counter can calculate all welding spots or qualified welding spots.

9.The function of variable welding procedure can not only compensate the wear of welding needles, but also apply to 

    the welding of welding joints under different conditions.

10.Compatible with primary or secondary foot switches.

11.Compatible with welding head with welding pressure switch and welding head without welding pressure switch.

12.The discharge switch can be mechanical or photoelectric.

13.Weak welding prevention function, effectively reducing welding waste.

14.The foot switch terminates the welding function and improves the reliability of welding.

Main circuit diagram

ADP3 Panel

ADP3 Screen

WBT-Q03 Information

WBT-Q03 weld head has the advantages:

0.Easy up and down adjust handle, ajust the weld head and electrods height.

1.Electrode pressure adjustment;

2.Cylinder stroke adjustment;

3.Cylinder air flow speed adjustment;

4.Weld head up limited and down limited.

5.Pneumatic welding style and ensure the consistency of welding.

6.Firm welding point, avoid loose welding.

7.It has easy operation, low breakdown rate and quick service


When welding nicklel tags up to 0.2 mm thickness you can adopt 3 mm electrodes.

But thicker tags up to 0.4 or 0.5 mm (see picture below) need wider electrodes with flat welding surface.


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