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Automatic Battery Packs Welding Equipment

Automatic18650/26650 Battery Packs Weld Equipment
Automatic18650/26650 Battery Packs Weld Equipment

1.It's suitable for 18650/26650/21700 cell

2.7.5 inch touchable LCD

3.User-friendly design

4.PLC system control

5.Electrodes cooling device, prolongservice life

6.Pneumatic Control Pressure Welding Heads

7.Welding Electrodes Cooling System

8.Welding fault annunciator

9.Max.welding 230 cells

Product Details

Automatic weld machine information

Welding video


Pneumatic control pressure welding heads
2 sets DC capacitor 300Joule welding power supply
Welding electrodes air cooling system 
Welding check system 
Welding program Storage

Pneumatic control pressure welding heads,more advanced

PBW-2000A Welding heads is pneumatic control pressure;it has excellent follow force/tracing force;
In the wlding process,when the welding head electrodes contact with the workpiece and discharge, there will be melt-depth phenomenon;
For example,the tabs/nickel thickness is 0.4mm,after welding,it will be melt-depth,the tabs/nickel strip become 0.3mm,there is a 0.1mm gap between welding electrodes and  workpiece,if have a good following force/tracing force,no matter how deep the melting depth is,the welding elctrodes will follow/tracing the workpiece.

2sets DC capacitor dual pulse 300Joule welding power supply

Welding electrodes air cooling system (offer customized water cooling syestem)

PBW-2000A has welding electrodes air cooling system, improves the quality of solder joints effectively;
In the welding process, when the welding electrodes contact with the workpiece and discharge,the welding 

electrodes will be generates heat,with the accumulation of heat, the welding electrodes will become hot 

gradually; use heated the elctrodes to weld again, which will serious affect the quality of the weld.

Welding check system

In welding process,there will be rosin joint or leakage weld,when it happened,PBW-2000A the screen will 

display the position of rosin joint or missing weld.

Welding program storage(Storage 32groups welding procedures)

Weld repaire(Input postion of rosin joint or leakage weld,click the repaire button)


Touch screen-OMRON

Parameter Setting

Max. Welding 230 cells

Manufacture process(All employees are bachelor's degree, Mechanical specialty)

In the process of manufacturing,chief engineer is responsible for scheme design, drawing design, quality supervision, 

schedule supervision, and technical management.

Quality Control

In the process of manufacturing,factory manager is responsible for drawing up detailed rules and organizing 

the implementation of the agenda,regular inspection of the progress and quality of production, overhaul quality 

standards, ensure that equipment is in good condition, Periodic inspection, ensure that the equipment reach 

the standard.


After the manufacture is completed and the test is qualified, packing the equipment with standard export wooden crate.


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