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E-bike Battery packs spot welder

4KHz High Frequency Inverter DC Resistance+Pneumatic Control Pressure 18650/26650 Weld Equipment
4KHz High Frequency Inverter DC Resistance+Pneumatic Control Pressure 18650/26650 Weld Equipment

WBT-9000A Battery packs weld Equipments

1.One set Inverter DC resitance precision high frequency power source supply

2.One set TR-4000A inverter welding transformer

3.One set Pneumatic control pressre parallel precision weld heads

4.two PCS power cables

5.Weld head switch connection cables

6.3mm/6mm holders and electrodes

7.one pcs foot pedal

Product Details

UF40 Information

1.Net weight: 9KG KG


3.LCD dispaly

4.DC Inverter resistence 4500A

5.Wires welding diameter 0.02—0.7mm, 

6.Welding sheet thick 0.1mm—1.0mm

7.Cooling mode:Aircooling

8.Current monitor 0-10000A 

UF40 High-Frequency Inverter DC Welding Power Features,

1.High inverte frequency can control the welding energy much more accurate and rapid.

Having double pulse welding function.

2.Each pulse has following functions: slowly rise, slowly drop, welding time, welding energy and set the monitor data.

3.Control modes:current control,power control,voltage control.

4.Welding current monitor and NO GOOD alarm signal output function, check which welding dot was not standard.

5.With PLC output connector, better function to connect the automatic welding machine, faster and good welding.

6.Display the welding result as word and graphic form. Make debugging more simple and intuitive.

7.Precisely controlled repeatable waveform.

8.Having the welding quality monitor and output functions can automatically check out the products in bad quality.

TR-4000A Inverter weld transformer

1.Net weight:15kg

2.Size: 380mm*202mm*190mm

3.Cooling model:air cooling

4.Max.welding current:4500A

5.Cyclic duration factor:35%

6.Input frequency:4khz

7.Volume ratio of transofrmer:60:1

Pneumatic control presulle parallel precision Weld heads

1.Net weight:13.25KG
3.Spring force:pneumatic control pressure
5.Cylinder Stroke adjustble
7.Driving method: Pneumatic
8.Magnetic valve:24V(DC)/220(AC)


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