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Weld Chcker Weld Monitor WBT-122B New version
Weld Chcker Weld Monitor WBT-122B New version

Weld checker & monitor information as below,

Power supply:single phase 100-240VAC 50/60Hz

Current sensor:Toroidal coil

Current sensor:0.010-0.199KA(*10 coil)


Monitor value:RMS or PEAK

Time range:0.5 to 500.0 cycles,0.5-99ms

Conduction angle: 30°-180°



Product Details

Weld Checker WBT-122B




Compact body :It is the most compact product among the same type produced by our company.

Detection speed and management speed are improved. Compared with theformer products, WBT-122A can 

manage more detection because of the improved management speed.

Be adoptable to different Welding Current. 

Measures single phase AC,DC,AC inverter,capacitor discharge,

transist or single phase rectified,3-phase rectified,3-phase low frequency

current range:0.010-199.9kA

RMS or PEAK values

conduction angle 30°-180°

measures time in milliseconds and cysles

Uper and lower limits

"no weld current"detection

error signaling

analog output for waveforms

measures stepped weld sequnces

good/no-good/low machine outputs

Weld checker & Monitoring resistance welding current: AC/inverterDC/Capacitor/, Our weld checker and monitor, 

50Hz/60Hz,help you to pick up the “Not Good” welding products,and improve your products’ quality. Inspect 

different welding current: 

1. AC welding current; 

2. Single phase rectifier welding current; 

3. DC inversion welding current; 

4. Transistor welding current; 

5. Capacitance stored energy welding current. 

Applicable power supply: 100V~240ACV/50~60Hz Simple operation with one button.

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