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Rotor Automatic Spot Welding Equipment MCT-3
Rotor Automatic Spot Welding Equipment MCT-3

MCT-3 Armature Spot Welding Machine

OMRON PLC programmable motion control system

7 inch LCD Taiwan weinview-MT6071ie

Servo pressurized weld heads

Servo dividing system

Suitable for motor type:slot / hook type

Suitable range for enameled wire ?0.08~?0.65mm

Valtage: AC380V±5%  50Hzhz  3 phase five wire system

Product Details

Weld video,

MCT-3 Armature Spot Welding Machine Function

1.Output current high frequency inverter DC, frequency 4000Hz, rated capacity 4500A,duty cycle 40%
2. Main electrode pressure 10 to 100Kgs, secondary pressure 10 to 100Kgs, Secondary electrode pressure 10 to 30Kgs.
3.Cooling flow 6L/Min
4.Number of commutator slots 1-99 slots
5. Suitable for external diameter of silicon steel sheet?15~?80mm
6. Suitable for external diameter of commutator
7. Suitable for external diameter of shaft core
8. Unipolar welding, stable and fast pressurization
9. With exception detection, fault prompt, convenient for quick query of faults.
10. Equipped with a constant temperature ice water cooler BWC-160
11. Input port AC 220V, 50 Hz,cooling capacity 12, stainless steel jet water pump,20/Min.

MCT-3 Armature Spot Welding Machine characteristics

1.Will-Best High frequency inverter DC welding power supply system, frequency 4000Hz, stable discharge, reliable quality, discharge power 40KVA. It can monitor the real-time display waveform of current, 

voltage, power, resistance and pressure at the same time.The data is displayed in waveform, which is convenient for analysis and use.

2.Configure 64 sets of spot welding parameters memory channel and with 64 sets of stage discharge control, each set of stages can be divided into 12 segments, the capacity of large convenient change of 

machine type, direct call, without each input parameters.
3. Operating mode: constant voltage, constant current and constant power discharge output mode.The discharge mode is diversified to easily meet the diverse welding needs.
4.Configure vortex sensor for automaic looking for slots.
5. The welding head can move automatically when need to welding the dual wires.

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