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Inverter DC Resistance Medium-Frequency Weld Power Supply
Inverter DC Resistance Medium-Frequency Weld Power Supply

UF25 Medium-Frequency Inverter DC Welding Power

1.Net weight:15KG
3.LCD dispaly

4.Inverter DC discharge 2500A

5.Wire welding diameter 0.02-0.3mm

6.Sheet thick from 0.1-0.5mm

7.Cooling model:air

8.Current monitor:0-2500A

Product Details


Weld video

weld the wires on the PCB board,

weld 0.05mm cooper wires +0.1cooper sheet,

weld CR2032 Battery,

UF25 Features

1.DC inverte high frequency can control the welding energy much more accurate and rapid.
2.Having double-pulse welding function.
3.Each pulse has following functions: slowly rise, slowly drop, welding time, welding energy and set the monitor data.
4.Various welding energy control mode, constant current, constant voltage and constant power can match welding 

requirements of different shape materials .
5.Multiple welding work mode: Common Point Welding, ROLL/SPOT mode, Series Welding, Double-head Control and 

PLC Control.
6.Display the welding result as word and graphic form. Make debugging more simple and intuitive.
7. Precisely controlled repeatable waveform
8.Having the welding quality monitor and output functions can automatically check out the products in bad quality.

UF25 Details information

Setting the welding parameter

Weld monitor


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