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Foot operated,Precision single welding heads WBT-F01
Foot operated,Precision single welding heads WBT-F01

WBT-F01 precision single foot drive weld heads

1.Size(mm): 348 x 193 x 43
2.Weight(kg): 10
3.Fire method: Micro switch
4.Electrode diameter: 3mm/6mm
5.Weld pressure: 2.2—89N
6.Throat depth(mm): 49
7.Driving method: by foot

Product Details


WBT-F01 Features

1.High precision, long service life
2.Head lifting mechanism of internal smooth, steady, swing, sliding, not jerky, good reliability,
3.Low inertia, fast follow - through design to improve weld consistency, reduce
metal splash and improve solder joint appearance;
4.Welding head pressure spring, adjust the smooth, accurate, easy to adjust the
welding pressure, welding pressure to adapt to different elements;
5.Micro switch, pressure ignition, improve the quality of welding; when the pressure on the workpiece 

surface to a certain extent, began to discharge;

If welding the wire,need use the difference electrodes and holders


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